Pause to Enjoy Paisley

paisleyA town steeped in history, Paisley has its own distinct character and atmosphere, despite being just a short drive from Glasgow. The combination of stunning architecture, galleries and a charming pedestrianized city center makes Paisley a surprisingly interesting town.

Paisley Abbey is the most famous building in the town and also one of the oldest. It is believed that the Irish monk, St. Mirin, built a church on the White Cart Water in the 6th century, although the abbey itself was built in 1163 and is located a short distance upstream. The abbey has seen plenty of misfortune during its existence, having been ordered destroyed by Edward I, damaged by fire during the 15th and 16th centuries and even suffering the partial collapse of its tower. However, the main structure has survived and it has been restored to the magnificent building you see today. The church has played a prominent role in Scottish history and all six Stewards of Scotland are buried here. The abbey also holds an ancient 8th century Celtic Barochan Cross as well as a small display showing various items recovered from excavations around the church.

Paisley town center is a pleasure to explore on foot. Surrounded by wonderful historic architecture, the pedestrianized area recalls the days when the town was a hotbed of radical ideas and thoughts. Exploring the streets, you’ll come across the castle-like Town Hall, the important Baptist cathedral of Thomas Coats and the atmospheric Paisley Cross square. The Paisley Museum and Art Galleries takes you through the history of the town and focuses on the Paisley Pattern and weaving industry. The Art Galleries section features a wide range of attractions for the whole family including a hands-on section where you can attempt to create your own masterpiece.

Since ancient times, Paisley has been a place with lively evening entertainment, and even today people still frequent the range of restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars around the town center and debate contemporary issues. White Cart Water is a pleasant place for a relaxing cruise, while Gleniffer Braes Country Park offers rewarding walks and cycling routes.

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